In the Loop with Andy Andrews
Andy explains why he created free curriculum around all of his books and creative ways cities and schools are using it.

What do you want people to know about you that they likely don't know already?

What word does Andy use to describe his parenting style?
Andy's request for the men of his church and how they talk to his boys.
Where the idea for curriculum based on Andy's books came from.
How a college football team presented what they learned from The Traveler's Gift
The results that school systems have seen from going through the curriculum
The town that adopted The Traveler's Gift
What is it like for Andy to have his ideas adopted by so many people?
Why some people's ideas don't spread.
How many publishers turned down The Traveler's Gift?
Why did Andy decide to buy thousands of his own book?
How Robin Roberts helped Andy resurrect The Traveler's Gift.
What Andy prays every day.
Andy speaks at his mamma's high school.
Why Andy does not pursue being "smart".

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