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On today’s episode of In the Loop, Andy and A.T. discuss the epidemic of business, government, and community leaders being unfaithful in marriage and what we can do about it.


What are the sources of infidelity?

·      One is the fact that we live in a fallen world—the nature of man is a source of it

·      Our affections rule every part of our life, so we must guard them carefully

·      Even if you’ve been married for a long time, you still need to constantly guard yourself

·      You have to live an open life—a life in which you are honest with yourself

·      Never be convinced that this can’t happen to you


Andy recently talked to a group of politicians and their spouses about infidelity and dishonesty

·      He told them that all the infidelity and dishonesty among politicians had made the average voter sick of all of them, whether they had done anything yet or not

·      He told them not to let weak moments get in the way of all the work they put into getting elected and all the good things they want to accomplish

·      Share everything with your spouse—email accounts, Facebook passwords and messages, etc.

·      Never be in a room alone with someone of the opposite sex

·      Make fences around you that are guarded by those you love


Most of the time, men are at the root of infidelity, but Andy has a thought for women as well

·      Marriage is about love and respect

·      Women feel respected when they are loved

·      But men feel loved when they are respected


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Questions for Listeners


·      How do you guard your marriage from infidelity?

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On today’s episode of In the Loop, a veteran writes in and tells an amazing story of losing and regaining hope in her life.


You have to be an honest person to overcome the loss of hope and control in your life.

·      Andy says if there had been an 11th Commandment, it would have been, “Thou shalt not kid thy self”

·      Being honest with ourselves is extremely important and allows us to understand so much more about our lives


Principles exist and are at work in our lives whether we know about them or not.

·      When we become aware of principles, we can harness them in our lives in ways that can allow us to accomplish great things

·      The truth is one of those principles


Hope itself is a thought process.

·      It is a specific way of thinking, and it is something that can be proven

·      Because of this, it can be chosen—you can choose to be hopeful

·      If you’re still here and you’re still breathing, then you have not yet accomplished what you were put here to do


Below our choices and decisions is our thinking.

·      Our thinking is at the base of everything we do—the positive and the negative

·      Your mistakes and the best things you’ve done in life are all products of the way you think



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Questions for Listeners


·      How do you remain hopeful in tough times?

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