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On this week’s episode, we discuss the proper way to deal with employees who bad-mouth a client and why it’s so important to do it quickly.


SO much time and money is lost by people who are too patient with bad apples.

  • Bad apples don’t become good just because they rub up against good ones—just the opposite is true.
  • The client (or customer) is the #1 priority—there is no excuse for employees who complain about, are annoyed with, or bad-mouth them.
  • If it were me, I’d get rid of the bad apples as fast as possible, because this is a nonnegotiable.


You can use these bad apples as a teaching moment for the rest of your team.

  • You can never show enough gratefulness to your client.
  • I would get everyone together and say, “You may have noticed we are down two people, and here’s why…”
  • If you are in a service-oriented industry, bad apples can be the death of you.


Tune in to hear exactly how Andy says he would handle a situation where 2 employees bad-mouthed a client.


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On this week's episode, I discuss the importance of the type of things we "feed" our mind.


What we listen to and watch could potentially be damaging.

  • If something is going to be in your mind anyway, why not choose what goes in?
  • Some people don't want to learn—they just want to know what they already know.


If life was a stream, you could go upstream, downstream, or tread water.

  • If you aren't going upstream, you actually are going downstream (whether you are aware of it or not).
  • We want to be the kind of people that other people can learn from, but we can only be that if we are in a state of learning.
  • People who have influence have something other people want.


Tune in to hear how a friend of Andy's started controlling what goes into her mind and the impact it has had on her.
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On this week’s episode, I answer a listener question on how to be successful in sales situations.


I want to go to ground-zero with you.

  • If you’re in sales, you have been told by your sales manager that if you build a relationship, you will make a sale.
  • You know it’s true, but you should ask yourself why it’s true.
  • If you build a relationship with someone and they become your best friend, not only are they never going to do business with anybody else, they’re going to talk about you in glowing terms and bulldoze people in your path.


Customer satisfaction is a great concept, but I’m always blown away by companies that build their entire advertising campaigns on this.

  • The truth is that customer satisfaction is the lowest bar that you can possibly hit and stay in business.
  • What you want is a raving fan.
  • Raving fans do not happen because of price and product.
  • They happen because there is a relationship.


Whatever industry you’re in, the real product is you.

  • It is important to get your eyes off yourself and become someone that others want to be around.
  • People want to talk about themselves and they’re dying for somebody who will listen.


Questions for Andy

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