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On this week's episode, Andy announces a new host for In The Loop, and the events leading to the publishing of The Butterfly Effect

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In the middle of the night during a hurricane, Andy received a phone call from General Foglesong in Afghanistan. 

  • He wanted Andy to find proof that every life matters and could make a difference to the world.
  • The Air Force's suicide rate was higher than the general population's suicide rate.

Andy's interest in the Butterfly Effect, also known as the sensitive dependance upon initial conditions, led him to reverse engineer the life of Norman Borlaug, who is credited with saving the lives of over 2 billion people. 

  • Andy found that Norman's life was steered in its direction due to others' actions in the preceding years. 

After hearing Andy tell the Butterfly Effect story live, Zig Ziglar told him that he should make part of his speech into a book.

  • When the book was initially turned down by Thomas Nelson, the online publishing company Simple Truths picked it up. 
  • Over the course of the next 18 months, the book was picked up by two more publishers and became a success. 

Never look at the "No's" as a final answer. There is always a "yes."

  • Even while things are not going your way, keep a smile on your face and don't get frustrated. 
  • You don't know where things are going, and you need to keep doing what you think needs to be done. 

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On this week's episode, Andy discusses his passion for cooking and the steps to make his most famous dish.

When did Andy start cooking?

  • He started with breakfast foods at an early age, moving from toast to eggs and bacon.

Was Polly skeptical about Andy being a good cook?

  • She was delighted because chicken and rice was the only thing she knew how to make. Since then, Andy and Polly have worked together, and they both help prepare dishes. 

Why does Andy like cooking so much?

  • He loves to eat! What does he love to eat? The answer is, "Yes!"

Andy's blue ribbon recipe for his famous chicken and dumplings. 

  • Start the night before with a whole chicken in a pot of water. Add salt and pepper, cover the pot, and bring it to a boil. Once the water boils, put the pot in the oven at 250 degrees and let it sit overnight.

  • The next morning, stir the pot and take out a cup or two of the broth. Strain the broth, add salt, cover it, and place in the refrigerator for later. 

  • Take the pot out of the oven and remove the chicken to cool. Strain the rest of the broth until it is clear and free of all the chicken particles.

  • In a separate pot, mix 2 cups of plain white flower, 1/2 cup of oil, and 1/2 cup of the broth from the refrigerator together into dough. The leftover refrigerator broth can be poured back into the other pot of broth. 

  • Use a rolling pin to flatten the dough. It will take a couple of tries to determine the thickness that you prefer the dough at. Use a knife and cut the dough into strips that are six inches long and one-and-a-half inches wide. Bring the broth to a boil and add the strips. 

  • Now turn to the chicken and pick out the pieces that you want. Rinse them off and add to the boiling pot of broth and dough. The chicken will cause the broth to stop boiling. Once it boils again, turn off the heat and let it sit for 30 minutes. 

  • Serve it in either a bowl with added broth, or on a plate with just the chicken and dumplings. 

Young men need to learn how to cook!

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On this week’s episode, Andy answers a listener question about the best way to communicate with teenagers.

Listener question:

When my daughter was 12, her three best friends moved away. Around that same time, another friend decided to tell her everything people didn’t like about her. We’ve been trying for the past three years to empower her again. She is now at a new school, but can’t seem to break out of the “new girl” frame of mind. What do we do as parents to break her out of this rut?

The most important thing you could do at this time is to be friends and talk to her. Really talk to her.

Sometimes you will have to talk about why you are talking to her.

A lot of times, kids this age tend to go to their room and put up a do-not-disturb sign.

In spite of this, you still must talk to them.

It is important that you don’t teach your kids what to think, but how to think.

We see this problem in our schools, but we tend to ignore it at home.

Many parents sadly miss the opportunity to have long conversations with their kids about why they believe what they believe.

Kids will have conversations with you if they don’t think the answer will be a lecture.

Giving kids the reasons and thought process behind the things you believe will create much more productive conversations.

You need to be vulnerable sometimes and reveal that you recognize that you don’t know everything.

This is not to say that you should stop being an authority figure.

You don’t need to be on “equal footing” with your child.

But these conversations will allow you to teach your child how you arrived at these positions.

Like it or not, at some point, your children will decide what they will believe, and you will have no control over it.

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