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On this week’s episode, Andy answers listener questions on transitioning out of a corporate job, gaining wisdom, and overcoming fears about things you can’t control.

Listener Question #1: Which stories and biographies have had the greatest impact on you, and how do you read these stories in a way that allows you to gather wisdom from them?

  • If you want to know what books have had a huge effect on Andy, look at what he has written.
  • For example, the historical figures in The Traveler’s Gift were all people whose stories had an impact on Andy during the time he was writing the book.
  • One of the things that is most important to gathering wisdom is to simply acknowledge that you are actively seeking it.
  • You have to ask for wisdom to receive it. Remember, God was delighted when Solomon asked for wisdom.

Listener Question #2: Is there one book in particular that would be the most helpful to someone who is trying to go from a corporate job to something different? What do you prescribe to someone who is stuck and wants to move?

  • A lot of the answers to these kinds of questions are going to be in Andy’s upcoming book that will be released October 1, The Noticer Returns.
  • Andy’s recent video blog, How to Start a Business from an Idea, might get you started in the right direction as well.
  • People change when two things line up: What’s in it for me? Proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • You must acknowledge the benefits that are there for you, and then you must be aware of the steps that have proven to work for others.

Listener Question #3: How do you control the fear of losing a valued relationship, such as a marriage?

  • Fear can be overcome with a logical answer: fear is not from God.
  • Generally, smart people are the ones who have a problem with fear. People who aren’t smart seem to have no problem with fear.
  • If you remember that fear is not from God and that you are a smart, creative person, then you have to conclude that fear is a misuse of the creative imagination that has been put inside you.
  • You cannot control the people you value in your life at all times. So you have to give those concerns about things you can’t control to God.

Resources Mentioned on This Episode:

  • The Noticer Returns by Andy Andrews
  • Early to Rise by Andy Traub
  • Platform by Michael Hyatt

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On this week’s episode, Andy explains why you must change your beliefs about yourself (and how to do so) if you want to achieve better results in your life.

Opportunities are drawn to people in motion.

  • One of the first things Suzanne did was to seek counsel. 
  • She sought it from sources that she trusted instead of just asking everyone.
  • She determined the steps that needed to be taken, and then she took those steps.

When seeking counsel, it’s important not to ask everyone.

  • You must seek wisdom from wise people.
  • How do you determine who is wise? By examining the fruit on the tree. What kind of results is this person you’re thinking of asking for counsel getting?
  • The purpose of analysis is to come to a conclusion, not to continue analyzing. 

If you’re ever going to move beyond where you are, you must force yourself to think beyond what you already know.

  • It’s important to determine a result and then form a process that will lead you to that result.
  • It’s impossible to perform past what you believe. Our beliefs can be an extremely limiting factor.
  • Our actions and results are tied to our beliefs.
  • Beliefs come from critical thinking, prayer life, and your changes in perception.

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On this week’s episode, Andy discusses why he feels that he has finally “arrived” in the field of professional coaching.

Andy is now the official Mental Coach of…the Orange Beach Sharks.

This is his son’s 13-14-year-old baseball team.

He talks to the team before every practice and game.

At the beginning of the season, he talked about umpires with the team.

The first thing they needed to know about umpires is that they’re kind of like TSA at the airport. You will not win an argument with them.

You can, however, tick them off.

Umpires are like brothers. If you tick them off, they won’t give you the benefit of the doubt on close calls.

Here’s the plan he gave the team:

Other teams are going to go out on the field and say nothing to the umpires, unless they decide to complain.

Andy told them to never, ever argue a call or roll their eyes.

He told the team to talk to the umpires. Say hi and ask them how they’re doing. Ask them where they’re from.

This lesson with the team is a lesson that applies to life as well.

If you treat people with kindness, things will generally work out better for you.

You never know who knows the people who may in the position to give you a job or an opportunity one day.

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