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On this week’s episode, a long time listener asks for my thoughts on giving kids an allowance. It is VERY important to give your children a great foundation in finances. • Most people that I see (but not everyone) give their kids a regular allowance because they are a kid and that’s just what kids get. • Some people say that an allowance is for doing chores, but my thought is that my kids are going to do chores because they get to live here. That’s just part of being a member of the family. What did parents of “The Greatest Generation” do to get their children to sacrifice, produce, and become more? • By what standards did they raise an entire generation of kids, that 70 years later we still look back and say, “That’s the best we ever were”? • “The Greatest Generation” had to get up before daylight and go milk the cows, feed the animals, or deliver papers, because families struggled to make ends meet. • Kids back then earned their way into adulthood and what they saw in adults was something they wanted to grow into. You’re not trying to raise great kids; you’re trying to raise kids who become great adults. • We all know people who had great kids, but then they turned 18 and something happened. • Now, there is a society of people who aspire to go backwards and become kids again, rather than aspire to become adults. Tune in to hear the impactful story of Ty, the son of Joe Bullard (the owner of Joe Bullard Automotive), and how he worked his way up in his family’s business the hard way. Questions for Andy Would you like to run something by Andy? Contact us and your question might be featured on the show! Phone: 1-800-726-ANDY Email: com/AndyAndrews

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On this week’s episode, I answer a listener question regarding the infamous dead-end job and whether or not it is worth it to take a pay cut for a “white-collar” job.


Times have changed, but people are still stuck in the old way of thinking.

  • Decades of old thinking has made people think they are worth way less than they actually are.
  • People still aspire to have a college education and a desk job, even if it doesn’t turn out to be as profitable as other alternatives.
  • If money wasn’t an object, what would you get up and do every day? Work a job that aligns with your answer to that question.


There is no such thing as a dead-end job.

  • There are so many options and choices out there for you to do if you simply give value to other people.
  • Look at that awesome passion that you love doing and think about what kind of value you can bring to other people with it.
  • When you start creating value for others with your passion, there will be so much demand that you will have to start charging for it.


Tune in to hear how a “blue-collar” worker went against the grain and ended up owning Tucker ATV, the dealership where Andy got his Polaris Ranger Crew.


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On this week’s episode, a recently retired teacher and principal asks what to do when you’ve lost your purpose. She spends time with her kids and grandchildren, but after 45 years in education no longer feels needed.


By understanding the butterfly effect, you could make a case that an afternoon with a grandchild could make as much difference long-term as an hour with a stadium full of people.

  • Time spent with a grandchild is precious—not just for them, but for all of us.
  • You are shaping the world we all live in.


Create some kind of ministry or business based on passing along the wisdom you’ve accrued.

  • You may find you have much more purpose now because you’re at a point where you have the experience to lay things out.
  • As you lay out what you think people ought to do, fully explain why that is so. Prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • So many people forget that some of the greatest businesses and ministries took years and years of preparations before they could make an impact.


If there was no more purpose for you to be here, you wouldn’t be breathing.

  • You may not know what your purpose is right now, but you need to look very closely at your circumstances and get to work going after it.
  • The very fact you’re still here tells me you have not fulfilled your purpose—the most important part of your life is still ahead of you.


Tune in to hear Andy’s best advice for harnessing the hard-earned knowledge you’ve won and getting it out to the most people possible.


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