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This week, A.T. and Andy introduce a new segment called “Finish This Phrase,” where Andy takes listener-submitted phrases and finishes them on the spot.

Parents should always ________

  • Andy says, “Discipline their kids.”
  • If parents don’t discipline their kids now, life will discipline them later…and it probably won’t be pretty.

When you go to work ________

  • Andy says, “Go in a good mood, because no one wants to be around someone who is whining and complaining.”

Husbands should never ________

  • Andy says, “Put too much salad in their mouth at once.”
  • “Leave Band-Aids in the shower.”
  • “Honk the horn when his their wife is doing whatever she does inside.”

When your kids walk out the door to school, you should always tell them ______

  • Andy says, “Don’t forget to smile while you talk.”
  • This is huge and will give your kids so many more opportunities.
  • He also says, “Find someone who doesn’t have many friends and be a friend to them.”

If you want a different life _______

  • Andy says, “You have to think different.”
  • “Seek wisdom like a crazy person. Read.”

Before you go fishing, you should ________

  • Andy says, “Always make sure your rods are in the boat.”
  • “Always make sure your bait is in the boat.”
  • “Make sure there is gas in the boat.”
  • “Put drinks in the boat.”

When you get up early, you _______

  • Andy says, “Gather insights that would not happen at any other time of the day.”

If you don’t have goals _______

  • Andy says, “You’re playing basketball without the baskets.”

When you get discouraged ________

  • Andy says, “Do the things that you know to do.”
  • Your actions dictate your feelings. Do the things that make you feel better.

If you ever get a chance to ________

  • Andy says, “Go to a Gaither Homecoming concert, do it.”
  • No matter what kind of music you like, you will be blown away.
  • A.T. says, “Take time off from work and go on a field trip with your kids, do it every time.”

Questions for Listeners

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Is there a secret to becoming “extraordinary”? What’s the difference between extraordinary and ordinary?

Define an extraordinary life.

  • An extraordinary life means a lot of different things to different people.
  • But there are several characteristics that they have in common.
  • Being debt-free. It’s hard to live a life of freedom when you’re living with debt.
  • A track record of wise decisions leads to an extraordinary life. Wise decisions lead people to places of influence.
  • Influence is essential because it is part of helping people, which is another key ingredient in an extraordinary life.
  • We all possess influence in some areas.
  • The pursuit of wisdom opens the door to all of these qualities.

How do you want to live?

  • In relation to your family, finances, God, your community, etc.
  • This question will give you a good idea of what your version of an extraordinary life is.
  • If you want to live an extraordinary life, then you can’t live the way most others do, because most people are leading average lives.

Can anyone live an extraordinary life?

  • Yes. Anybody can change their thinking. Anybody can change their actions and their path by changing their thinking.
  • There are two things people need to change: there has to be something in it for them (a benefit); and something has to be proven beyond doubt.
  • Our thinking guides all of our choices. So if we want to make better choices, we have to change our thinking.
  • Your thinking is the foundation that your entire life is built upon.

What do extraordinary people do that average people don’t do?

  • They get up early and with a purpose. If you don’t have something to do, create something to do.
  • Create a spirit of gratefulness in your life and your children’s lives.
  • Watch out for other people and have manners. Treat people with respect.

Who do extraordinary people spend their time with?

  • They spend their time with extraordinary people.
  • They spend their time with people who are good examples for them, and who are committed to learning the same things they are trying to learn.

Early to Rise Challenge

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  • Put in your e-mail address and first name and you’ll get an e-mail early every morning.
  • Each e-mail will give you encouragement and ideas of what to do with your extra time.

Questions for Listeners

  • What do you consider to be an extraordinary life? Let us know!

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One of Andy’s favorite musicians and good friends, Jason Crabb, is on the show this week. Jason won Artist of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year at last year’s Dove Awards. He and Andy discuss everything from music to the importance of practicing what you preach.

Andy asks: How did you get started in the business?
      •    His dad was a pastor, so he grew up in the church and learned how to communicate to people and play music
      •    Eventually, people started to take an interest in him and his family and they would get invited to perform all over the country

Andy asks: At what point did you realize you had a gift for singing?
      •    Jason thinks it’s more about being passionate about what you do and seeing the way what you’re doing is affecting people in a positive way as opposed to thinking about your talent level and how much money you’re making
      •    So there wasn’t really one particular moment, but over the years he has been blessed enough to see the life-changing effects his music has had on people

Jason’s song “Somebody Like Me” is played
      •    It’s a song about accepting responsibility and accountability for taking care of one another
      •    Christianity has been painted the wrong way to the world, often due to our own self-righteous behavior
      •    Christianity is about love and taking care of your neighbor
      •    We have to watch what we say and do at all times, because our actions reflect on the entire group
      •    You can view the video for “Somebody Like Me” by clicking here

If you’re not familiar with Jason, click below to check him out online!
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Questions for Listeners

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Andy offers an encouraging perspective on the approaching presidential election and gives listeners bits of wisdom they can apply in political conversations. He also tackles the all-important question—for whom should we vote?

One thing that everyone agrees with, everyone should be told the truth.

  • The next question is, what is the truth? What’s your truth, my truth, his or her truth? There is a variation on the theme of truth.
  • There is only one truth, and the truth defines itself. The truth will also define someone who works within those parameters. 

The two reasons why most people don’t vote:

  • People don’t feel like their one vote will make any difference.
  • By the time the election comes around, people have poor opinions on both candidates because the person whom they wanted didn’t receive a nomination.

Things to consider when determining for whom to vote:

  • This is not about an election as much as it’s about a direction and where our country is headed.
  • Examine what you believe, and measure that against what the candidates believe.
  • Knowing the difference between being moral and doing what’s right in action. 
  • A good leader is much like a good parent. Meaning, you’re not concerned with what the child wants right now more than what’s going to be best for the child long term. They have the ability to look down the road and tell the child what they may not want to hear right now, but what we know is the best decision for their future.

Questions for Listeners

  • What factors do you consider when looking at political candidates?

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