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Learn how Andy's books have been used by athletes on every level to improve their performance on the field and in life.  Andy also answers a question about turning one of his books into a movie.

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Categorizing Andy's books has proven difficult for national newspapers, web sites and bookstores.  
Listener question about the box found in The Heart Mender
What category does Andy Andrews fit in?
How many different categories, lists did The Traveler's Gift find itself in?
When God was handing out talents which one does Andy think he got?
What most CEO's are delusional about.
Job performance improves when you can think about your job instead of your family.
Who host Andy gives out Andy Andrew's books to.

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Andy dedicates an entire episode to listener feedback!

Feedback has been awesome - Over 1,000 downloads the first day we released the show, lots of comments in iTunes, featured under the New and Noteworthy in business podcasts on iTunes, listeners calling in, writing in and posting questions for the show.

Releasing an episode every single week now b/c the demand is so high!

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