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On this week’s episode, we have very special guest Patsy Clairmont in the studio to talk about her life and have some laughs.


I was on tour with Patsy for three years while touring with Women of Faith.

  • If I kept a list of my favorite speakers, I don’t know if it would be her or Zig Ziglar at the top.
  • I can honesty say, professionally, watching her speak was the best experience I’ve ever had.


Listen in to hear Patsy talk about the small group workshop in her home, and tell stories about finding creativity (including a time when someone called her “the worst student I’ve ever had”).


Go to and check out Shaking Your Tree to hear more from Pasty on how she can help you develop creativity and confidence.


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On this week’s episode, I respond to a listener question about discussing the topic of depression and suicide prevention.


This week’s topic comes from a father who lost his daughter to suicide in a nationally televised story.

  • I know it must be one of the hardest things in the world when somebody you love so deeply makes a decision to do this.
  • I heard in your letter that she left behind two boys, 3 & 7.
  • Navigating this for them is going to be tough.
  • As they get older, they will need your presence and your son-in-law’s guidance.


You may have heard people or doctors say this kind of thing runs in families.

  • I’m not a medical doctor, so I can’t speak to the actual working of the brain. But I take a different view.
  • I think when a family member commits suicide, it brings that up as an option.
  • Unless it’s dealt with, I think other family members can think, “well, so-and-so did this, and this is how they dealt with that.”


The tough thing about this will be to separate your daughter from the act and remember the love that she had.

  • I can imagine that as sad as you are about this, you might be a little mad too for her child and husband.
  • I really feel like forgiveness is the reset button that needs to be pushed here.


I want you to be very aware of how grateful you can be for her life.

  • I am sure there are many moments you can call upon that were times of joy and excitement that she added to your life.
  • In the midst of your sorrow, remember to be grateful for that gift of her life and what it meant to you, your wife, and so many other people.


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On this week’s episode, I talk about a very unusual summer event that occurs a few times a year on the shore of Mobile Bay.

Something very unique happened earlier this week while at a book signing in Fairhope, Alabama. 

  • There is a 15-mile stretch on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay.
  • In the late summer on a still night between two and five in the morning, fish pile up on the shore for several hundred yards.
  • I’m talking thousands. Flounder, Whiting, Mullet, Shrimp, and more.
  • This is only one place in the world this happens and it is called a “Jubilee.”


I am shocked by how many people read The Noticer Returns and think “Jubilee” is something I made up.

  • This has been going on for centuries.
  • Years ago they had bells on the porches of the houses along the bay to let the community know when the phenomenon was occurring. 
  • The fish are almost stunned or asleep. It will last for an hour or two and then they’ll wake up and swim back into the gulf.
  • People will fill their ice chests and have fish for a year.


It’s an odd thing in the world where someone’s influence or money can buy what whatever they want.

  • You got enough money or influence and you could sit down with the president for dinner or have Kenny Chesney play a show in your backyard.
  • There is not a single way you could ever reserve a time to go see a Jubilee.
  • It is such a fascinating thing, but it kills me because I’ve never seen one.


If you haven’t read The Noticer Returns and want to hear an amazing story involving a jubilee and how it impacted the lives of several people, The Noticer Returns


Andy will also be having a parenting conference at Wiregrass Church Sunday September 21, 2014 at 7 pm. This is a free event, but you will need tickets, as is it limited to only 1500 attendees,

Click here for more info. (It’s the third bullet point on the bottom right of the site.)


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On this week’s episode, I address a listener question on the distinction between coaching and mentoring.

The question we received is, “What are the differences between coaching and mentoring, and does the distinction really matter?”

  • I think the distinction does matter, at least financially.
  • Mentoring is less in your face, and it’s a little more guidance oriented.
  • When a specific relationship is outlined and you have a detailed goal, you are getting into the coaching area.


I’ve been mentored by people that don’t know it and people who are already dead.

  • George Washington Carver and Joshua Chamberlain have been mentors for me — people who have been written about or have a large volume of work that I can follow.
  • The length of time is a defining feature. I could coach you for 15 minutes, but mentoring is an ongoing process.


A buddy of mine a few years ago told me that his mom left him some money, and he was thinking about hiring a person he knows as a financial planner.

  • I asked how much money the financial planner made, and he said it was a lot like himself.
  • Wouldn’t you want someone with a higher level of financial success to guide the results you are after?


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