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In this episode, we discuss two listener questions regarding how to identify a reliable source and how to speak without notes.


How to Find a Credible and Reputable Source

Examine the “leaves” people drop.

  • In The Noticer, Jones talks about how much you can learn about a tree from one of its leaves. The same is true for people.
  • Look at someone’s actions long-term.


Be in a constant state of thought and prayer.

  • Hone your instincts so you can trust them when looking for truth.
  • No one is always right.


Secrets to Speaking Without Notes

You’re not just talking to people—you’re trying to impact their lives.

  • The more you can get away from notes, the better.
  • Great speakers connect their head and their heart.


Be friends with your audience.

  • Get off the stage and interact with them.
  • Speak directly to certain people.


Sit down to plan your speech.

  • Outline 3-4 points (along with an introduction and conclusion).
  • Cut down your notes.
  • Practice without using any notes.


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