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In this episode, we discuss when to challenge conventional wisdom and why it’s not always correct.


Be careful believing something just because it’s said a lot.

  • There is never really a time where you don’t want to challenge conventional wisdom, especially if it has been around a long time.


There are several examples of conventional wisdom being incorrect.

  • A popular belief is that someone will forget what you said and did, but will never forget how you made them feel. This isn’t true—people WILL remember because it was your actions that caused them to feel that way.
  • An influential figure in academia said the #1 thing a teacher needs to do is have passion for their subject and convey that passion to their students. This also isn’t true—is it not more important for them to be teaching correct information?
  • A Miss America winner once spoke on a presidential election by saying the candidates should be focused on compromise. The problem is, you can only compromise on opinions—you can’t compromise on principles or facts.


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