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On this week’s episode, I’m answering a listener question on the value I found from reading the same book, three times a day, for 10 months.


Somebody got Robert Smith started on the book The Greatest Salesman in the World in high school or early college.

  • The story is about a wealthy person and a young boy who heard he was the greatest salesman in the world. The boy went to the man and asked how he could be like him.
  • The man gave him 10 scrolls and instructs him to read each scroll three times a day for a month, then move on to the next one.
  • Robert did the 10 months, and then did it again.
  • He told me how huge of a difference it made, and said he would do the ten months again with me.


If you’ve read The Traveler’s Gift, then you know the inspiration for the form of that book.

  • Jones was the old man that got me reading the biographies and that’s how I found those Seven Decisions.
  • When I presented them in story form using the David Ponder character, I wrote about the same kind of process where he was instructed to read these things.


I have gone through that book and done the 10 months four times.

  • A lot of people ask, “Why do you have to do it again?”
  • If you’ve read something multiple times, at some point you go, “Wow! Okay. I understand that now.”
  • I heard someone say the reason you read a book again is because if you put a couple years in between readings, you are a different person. You’re reading and understanding it from a different perspective and you can gain more.
  • Obviously this is over the top, but it’s only a couple pages that you’re reading. It really shaped me.


Tune in to hear Andy reading the fifth scroll from The Greatest Salesman in the World.


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