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On this week’s episode, I address the difference between being decisive and impulsive.

More people fail at what they attempt because of an undecided heart than any other reason. 

  • They’ll talk to their friends.
  • Then talk to their family.
  • Finally, they’ll make a decision.
  • Then they’ll ask if they should have waited longer to make a decision.
  • Then they’ll take the decision back.
  • Life then becomes an ongoing analysis.

The question you need to ask yourself before making a decision is…Is this a wise thing to do?

  • This is one of the best questions in life and one of the best questions to teach your kids to ask.
  • It reveals what is ahead of you.
  • If you’re asking if something is wrong, you’re going to rationalize the situation and keep pushing the envelope on what is “technically” wrong.

Andy Stanley states that direction determines destination—not intention. 

  • Intention has no power.
  • Imagine how I would sound if I said, “I can’t believe Polly is treating me this way after everything I intended to do.” 

The difference between being impulsive and decisive is wisdom

  • An important piece of wisdom is seeking out divine guidance.
  • I count on being divinely guided.

What is wisdom?

  • A deep understanding of principle.
  • 3/4 of a principle gets you nothing; you must understand all aspects of the principle.

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