In the Loop with Andy Andrews

On this week’s episode, Andy talks about his family’s favorite show on TV, and why it could be a great thing for YOUR family to watch. 

Duck Dynasty has become the Andrews family’s new favorite TV show.

  • It’s like a modern-day version of The Waltons.
  • They end every show with the entire family around the dinner table saying a prayer together.

It’s a great show about family and business values.

  • The people on the show offer great examples for mothers and fathers.
  • They are also a great example of creating a business by coming up with a way to offer tremendous value to people.

It’s not just another “reality” show.

  • The episodes aren’t all about fighting and bad language.
  • They show how families can sometimes disagree without being so disagreeable.
  • The show reflects how large of a role faith plays in their lives.

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