In the Loop with Andy Andrews

What legacy are you leaving? Andy and A.T. discuss this subject as well as some great listener feedback.

Most people never get a standing ovation.

  • By helping others and adding value to other people we, in a sense, are giving them a “standing ovation.” The ripple effect of your actions will impact others in ways that you may never know. 

How do we create a legacy? 

  • Know that everyone leaves a legacy, but not every legacy is a good one
  • You start right now
  • You need to read material that adds value
  • Start living your life intentionally 
  • Catch people doing something right

Build on what you are so:

  • Those who come behind you learn from your example
  • Others can learn from what you know
  • Others know why you make the choices you make
  • Others know how you make the choices you make

Write principles that have been important to you down to pass on after you’re gone.

Questions for Listeners

How are you creating your legacy? What are you doing on purpose to add to it?

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