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Do your actions match your intentions? Find out on today’s episode of In the Loop!

A.T. brings up a blog post Andy recently wrote called “An Important Announcement for Men Everywhere.”

  • The post is about why we need to remember that watching football (or anything on TV, really) is not what this time of the year is all about
  • Andy explains that he really does love watching the game of football, regardless of who is playing, and he can tend to get wrapped up in it
  • His boys love watching it with him, but he has noticed that if he isn’t there to watch a game, they don’t watch it on their own

Somewhere along the line, Andy began to understand that you put your time into what is most important to you.

  • When he listed the time that he spent reading about and watching football, he discovered that it was much more time than he was spending reading about things like being a better dad

What do we consider to be important in our lives?

  • Most people would say things like their wife, husband, kids, etc.
  • But does that answer match up with reality? If we look at how we spend our time throughout the day, will our actions reflect that belief?
  • Andy realized that his actions were not matching up with what he thought he considered to be important in his life

It doesn’t matter what we intend to do with our time.

  • Intentions have no power
  • Intending to do something is not the same as actually doing it
  • We tend to judge other people by their actions and ourselves by our intentions
  • There is a big difference, however, between “intentions” and “being intentional”
  • “Being intentional” means doing specific things with purpose

Because of this, Andy has been very specific about the games he watches with the boys over the past few years.

  • Doing things with the entire family is more important, long term, than not doing activities that include the entire family
  • Watching football games can be a great bonding experience in families where everyone is into it
  • What he’s finding more and more, however, is that there aren’t very many families where everyone is truly into it
  • If your whole family is into it and it’s a great bonding experience, by all means, go for it

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Questions for Listeners

  • What activities does your entire family do together?

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