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Chris LoCurto is the host of Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership podcast, which Andy was a guest on a few weeks ago (you can listen to the episode here). You can find Chris at and

Andy asks Chris: “What is the coolest thing going on your life right now?”

Chris says teaching business owners and leaders the information from EntreLeadership is the most exciting thing for him

Andy thinks EntreLeadership is an important book because it gives business owners a direction that they previously couldn’t put into words

The lesson from EntreLeadership that has the biggest impact is personality styles

We give direction the same way we like to receive direction

If you try to give someone direction that way they don’t like to receive information, you’ll never get through to them

As a leader, it’s your job to learn how to communicate to people in a way they will understand, not theirs

Responsibility is great because it gives us hope and control over situations

When you can change the culture of where you spend your most time (for most, your workplace), it starts changing the way you look at everything:

Your family

Your kids

What you do on your weekends

When your home life, finances, or personal fulfillment is suffering, it’s inevitable that your work performance will also suffer

This is why Andy’s message works for companies in every industry

Regardless of your profession, the principles of leadership and entrepreneurship apply to you, because we’re all in sales

Questions for Listeners

What’s the best example of leadership you’ve ever seen?

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