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Discussion line: In this episode, we answer a listener’s question on becoming somebody who asks “Why?”


Andy’s levels of achievement from The Little Things:

  • Z: Z’s are the people who don’t do, don’t know, and don’t accomplish anything.
  • D: D’s know how to do
  • T: T’s can not only do something but can also teach
  • L: L’s can not only do and teach but can also lead others in doing something.
  • H: H’s can not only do, lead, and teach, but they also know how a principle works.
  • W: W’s are so high on the ladder that we miss them. They know why a principle works.


You can’t get the full value of a principle until you understand why it works.

  • Our parents teach us not to ask “Why?”
  • We only ask “Why” when something is going wrong.
  • Understanding why a principle works can only happen while observing the principle working, so always ask “Why is this working so well?”


Something can be true but not the truth.

  • The truth is knowledge about something. The truth is the bottom line, the entirety of the thing.
  • When people have a problem, they keep looking until they find something true, but they rarely continue looking until they find the truth.


Personal growth doesn’t end until you die.

  • The hill is always going to get steeper and you will always be climbing.


Tune in to hear how to become somebody who asks “Why?”


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