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In this episode, we answer a listener’s question on difficulties with their adult child.


You’re never going to stop being a parent to your adult child, but you’re not their authority unless they allow it.

  • They don’t have to agree with you about what the best is.
  • Wise people never let themselves out from under the umbrella of authority, even if they have to artificially create it.


At some point, financial support can become enablement.

  • Some parents use up all their retirement putting their children through college for a degree they don’t end up using.
  • By providing for them, you make them think they’re more financially able than they really are.
  • At some point, you may have to say, “As much as we’d like to continue doing this, we don’t have the money.”
  • It’s hard to watch your child suffer when all you have to do is pick up your wallet, but struggling can produce success later in life and you might be robbing him of that.


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