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In this episode, I answer a listener’s question on working with people on tenure who no longer do a good job. For the future of our country, we have to convince people there’s no free lunch. • Imagine if everyone had a checkmark beside their name so they couldn’t be fired—regardless of their performance. • Some people feel like they shouldn’t have to prove themselves year in and year out, but that’s what everyone else has to do. • While job security and comfort are nice, pressure is where we do our best. Focus on becoming friends with these coworkers so you have a chance to have an impact on their life. • There are two things that make people change: what’s in it for them and proof beyond a reasonable doubt. • Figure out what they want out of life by having conversations with them. • Once you know what they want, recommend resources that can help them see proof that getting where they want to be requires change. Tune in to hear about a crazy conversation Andy had about tenure with someone in the airport. 


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