In the Loop with Andy Andrews

On this week’s episode, we’re finishing up our series on discussing my office and the items that bring me a spirit of gratefulness, belief, opportunity, and achievement.


Tune in to this weeks episode to hear about:

  • The book that I’ve read in its entirety every month for over 30 years. (I’m shocked that I still get new understanding from some of these things…)
  • The award from the Center for Healthy Families that reminds me to be obedient, seek wisdom, and that I make a difference.
  • The gift Adam made me for Father’s Day.
  • How islanders would pull sharks to the shore hundreds of years ago.
  • The item Civil War officers used to brush the day’s dirt away, and why it reminds me to move forward and look towards another day.
  • What started me on the path towards learning the Seven Decisions.

Questions for Listeners

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