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On this week’s episode, I discuss the little-known benefit of the hard times in our lives—and how my greatest struggles led me to my most important realizations.


During the time I was living under the pier and reading biographies, I was graphing out in my mind what had worked to make these people turn out like they did.

  • I was at a point in my life when I had a tough time with, “Is there more?”
  • I thought, were these people born this way, or was it something they did? What did they do and how long did it take them to do it?
  • After reading that many of them, you start to realize the things these people have in common.
  • I realized they weren’t habits, or theories, or really even mine. But I saw that they worked every time, and that they were principles.
  • I began to think what happens to somebody who knows all seven?


A lot of people don’t understand there is huge value in tough times.

  • To back this up this statement, my idea for the Seven Decisions came from a horrible time in my own life.
  • I would not have read these biographies had I not been living under a pier.
  • When you’re struggling in a certain area, you build muscle in that area. For the rest of your life, you are able to call upon that muscle.
  • Tough times can often force us into different ways of thinking.


The situations that have been the biggest wins for me have been because I was forced to think differently.

  • If everything were always in our control, none of us would ever struggle.
  • The “worst” thing can actually turn out to be the greatest thing that ever happened to you, but ONLY if you allow it.


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