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On today’s episode, Andy and A.T. discuss the power of the individual and how to channel it through discovering your passion.


A listener named Sheryl writes in about her experience with breast cancer. Her story prompted A.T. to wonder how people who aren’t writers or speakers or someone with a large audience can have a big, lasting impact on the world.

  • Andy brings up the butterfly effect story that he often tells on stage
  • The story illustrates how great moments or accomplishments all go back to “ordinary” people who did a seemingly small deed that caused big things to happen down the line


Sheryl mentioned that her experience with cancer didn’t “define” her; it “refined” her.

  • Andy points out that this is often seen as an odd way of thinking
  • It’s actually a great way of thinking
  • As a society, we often think logically to the wrong conclusions
  • We have the ability to choose the way we think


Everybody has something they are meant to do.

  • It takes a different way of thinking to figure out what that is and master it
  • When you can mix your passion with value for others, you can affect enormous amounts of people


Quote from H.G. Wells:

  • “The test of greatness is this: what did that person leave to grow? By this test, Jesus stands first.”

Questions for Listeners


·      Have you discovered your passion? How were you able to do so, and what are you doing with it?

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