In the Loop with Andy Andrews

A new friend of Andy’s joins us on the show today, and shares how principles from Andy’s book The Butterfly Effect are being implemented into her school and the effect that it’s having.


The Butterfly Effect teaches the kids how to think and prepares them for the real world

  • Kids are caught doing something good
  • Their choices are what matter
  • They can change their future
  • Teachers get more chances to have conversations with children and give them guidance
  • Kids are being told how important they are


How do we change our society?

  • By little actions every day
  • Treating those we come in contact with on a daily bases in a positive manner
  • People will treat others better if they are treated well themselves
  • We’re not teaching kids what to think, but rather how to think



Questions for Listeners


·      What books do you use to help your children make better choices?

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