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We all want to go beyond the average in certain areas of our lives. But how do we begin to do that? Andy and A.T. discuss how living a life of gratitude produces shockingly different results.


What are the practical things you can do that change you life from ordinary to extraordinary?

  • One of the keys is understanding that you can choose to live an extraordinary life
  • It is very seldom that an extraordinary life is just granted upon someone
  • If you choose an extraordinary life, you must understand that you can no longer act and think like the average person


There are many baby steps you can take to start thinking and acting differently.

  • How Andy treats his garbage men drastically changes the “garbage” area of his life
  • The way you treat people who do everyday jobs that we all have to have done see drastically different results
  • These are little areas of our lives, but they can make a big difference in our day-to-day experiences
  • Look for ways to make a fuss over people
  • When you treat people beyond the normal way most people treat them, you will get extraordinary responses


To live an extraordinary life, you have to think about how you can serve people better.

  • You have to pay more attention than the average person
  • You have to look for different ways to solve average problems
  • Don’t take anything or anyone for granted
  • If you live a grateful life, you will achieve shockingly different results


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Questions for Listeners


  • What do you do differently than everyone else you know?

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