In the Loop with Andy Andrews

Andy answers some amazing questions from listeners, including a 1st grade teacher and an anonymous listener with an insightful question about adversity.

Amanda, a 1st grade teacher, wanted to share how Andy’s books have affected her life positively

She had the opportunity to incorporate The Boy Who Changed the World into a social studies lesson and her students loved it

Andy says it’s not about what’s in the book; it’s about what you do with what’s in the book

Surprisingly, The Boy Who Changed the World has been really popular with high school graduates

Public schools, especially in small towns, are dying to have adults come in and read to the kids. It’s an awesome opportunity for you to make a difference in the lives of other people

An anonymous listener asks how to help a close friend gain perspective. Can a lack of adversity be a hindrance to gaining perspective?

Yes, a lack of adversity can be a hindrance to perspective

When things are going great with your finances, marriage, etc. people tend to not dig as deep for answers

This is a perfect example of what we tell people about adversity—adversity is not necessarily a bad thing. It will shape you into something better

Many people don’t understand the battle between “good” and “the best.” When things are good, we tend to not strive as hard and struggle and push past a certain point

Finding your purpose is the best motivation to push past good and attain the best. Your purpose will ignite your passion

We all have periods when there is no adversity, hopefully. When Andy is in a comfortable place, he has to intentionally remind himself of the purpose he wants to fulfill.

He asks himself, “What is it that I want to affect, that I want to create, that I’m after, that I want to help?”

Then, he asks, “Who do I have to become to be the kind of person people will listen to? Who do I have to become to be the kind of person that my family needs me to be?”

Asking those questions will give you a tremendous amount of responsibility and control over every aspect of your life

If you’re interested in reading what In the Loop host Andy Traub (A.T.) writes, check out his blog at Andy (Andrews) highly recommends his blog post “5 Things to Do When Leadership Leaves”.

Questions for Listeners

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