In the Loop with Andy Andrews

This week, A.T. and Andy introduce a new segment called “Finish This Phrase,” where Andy takes listener-submitted phrases and finishes them on the spot.

Parents should always ________

  • Andy says, “Discipline their kids.”
  • If parents don’t discipline their kids now, life will discipline them later…and it probably won’t be pretty.

When you go to work ________

  • Andy says, “Go in a good mood, because no one wants to be around someone who is whining and complaining.”

Husbands should never ________

  • Andy says, “Put too much salad in their mouth at once.”
  • “Leave Band-Aids in the shower.”
  • “Honk the horn when his their wife is doing whatever she does inside.”

When your kids walk out the door to school, you should always tell them ______

  • Andy says, “Don’t forget to smile while you talk.”
  • This is huge and will give your kids so many more opportunities.
  • He also says, “Find someone who doesn’t have many friends and be a friend to them.”

If you want a different life _______

  • Andy says, “You have to think different.”
  • “Seek wisdom like a crazy person. Read.”

Before you go fishing, you should ________

  • Andy says, “Always make sure your rods are in the boat.”
  • “Always make sure your bait is in the boat.”
  • “Make sure there is gas in the boat.”
  • “Put drinks in the boat.”

When you get up early, you _______

  • Andy says, “Gather insights that would not happen at any other time of the day.”

If you don’t have goals _______

  • Andy says, “You’re playing basketball without the baskets.”

When you get discouraged ________

  • Andy says, “Do the things that you know to do.”
  • Your actions dictate your feelings. Do the things that make you feel better.

If you ever get a chance to ________

  • Andy says, “Go to a Gaither Homecoming concert, do it.”
  • No matter what kind of music you like, you will be blown away.
  • A.T. says, “Take time off from work and go on a field trip with your kids, do it every time.”

Questions for Listeners

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