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ITL161: When to Eliminate the Negative People from Your Life

On this week’s episode, I discuss when to eliminate negative people from your life.


We hear that we need to eliminate negative people from our lives.

  • Yet, if we know that we are consistently negative, we certainly hope everybody is not eliminating us.


What if Jones eliminated negative people from his life?

  • He would have certainly eliminated me.
  • But Jones didn’t have to consider dropping me from his life.
  • He had moved so far beyond where I was that I had no influence on him at all.
  • His challenge with me was figuring out how to say things to me so that I could understand them and so they would resonate with me.


When I was living under the pier, I really needed to eliminate the negative influences in my life.

  • I had to determine which people always acted negatively.
  • If they were both looking and thinking, I could be friends with those people safely.
  • There are people at a very high level of success, and I’m looking to spend more time with them and watch them carefully.
  • There are also some people who are just beginning that journey. Those people would not affect me in a negative way, and maybe I could be a Jones to them.


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