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On this week’s episode, I answer listener questions about time-travel and my switch from comedy to whatever it is that I do now.


Would you rather go into the future to meet your great grandchildren, or travel backward and meet your great grandparents?

  • If I went into the future to meet my great grandchildren, I wouldn’t learn anything from them that will change my life and in turn allow me to change their lives.
  • The best I could do is try to convince them to do something or not do something.
  • If I went back into time, I think it would give me a lot of insight as to why my family dynamic came along the pathway that it did.


Wisdom is a little beyond knowledge.

  • I hear people say, “My grandparent was such a wise person,” and then turn around and ask where all the wise people are today.
  • Technology makes things so fast and allows for an amazing flow of knowledge and information.
  • However, I really believe wisdom requires quiet and time.


How did you know when it was time to change speaking platforms from comedy to what you do now?

  • I had always been interested in communicating something, but there was no way that I could be just a speaker in my twenties.
  • I’m not saying that people in their twenties can’t provide wisdom.
  • Comedy was just my way of being on stage.


I can remember when I was on tour with Kenny Rogers, and we started talking about Jones and the Seven Decisions.

  • He said that I should put some of the Seven Decisions talk in my show between jokes.
  • Slowly I kept adding in a little more, and eventually more people were talking about the “serious” bits that I did. It kind of shifted on its own.
  • It’s a strange platform but it’s fun and flexible.
  • If you want to see a blend of my comedic side with my serious side, you should check out my DVD Not Normal: The Power to Be Different. It’s a live presentation of some of my funniest and most inspirational material.


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