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On this week’s episode, I explain what a personal board of directors is, and how you can create one for your life and/or business without spending a dime.


I realized that most major companies and great speakers had a group of people that keeps them on track.


I thought to myself, why can’t I have a board of directors?

                My first answer was because I didn’t have any money

                However, you don’t have to pay someone to be on your board of directors…if they don’t know they’re on it!


I want to find people who are….




                More productive


What’s important?

                My children

                My writing





Mentally, I went though the people I loved and knew. I wrote down the people with long marriages or who were financially successful. I then started going through people who were in newspapers and were easy to follow. I called this group my board of directors.


This is a life application of the decision, I will seek wisdom.


I have 30 or 40 people on my board of directors.


First thing: Make a list of important things in your life. Attach names to those things. 

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