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On this week’s episode, Andy answers a listener question: What are some different, tangible ways that we can help others take action?


One of the most important things we can do to help others take action is to tell the truth that is the truth.

·      The truth stands alone, and the truth is the truth.

·      Yet someone can tell the truth while not telling the truth.

·      You must tell the truth that IS the truth.


You only know what you know, so you only do what you know to do.

·      To know something different requires an outside source: a person, a book, etc.

·      Most people think they are already taking action when they actually are not.


You lose perspective when you stop actively seeking growth.

·      You can’t go to the gym for three months and stay fit for the rest of your life.

·      If you read a book that changes your life, you can’t just stop after reading the book.

·      It’s hard and inconvenient to keep pushing yourself, but it’s essential to growth.


The ultimate answer is that nothing will encourage someone to take action more than actually taking action.

·      If you want someone to take action and read a book, start by reading the book yourself and showing them how much value it can offer them.


A great example of the value that comes with taking action is AT’s book, Early to Rise.

·      To get your copy, click here.

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Andy uses a listener question to illustrate how to move your life to the next level by changing the way you think.


John, a listener who grew up with an alcoholic father and rough childhood but has turned things around and created a great life for his family, wrote in with a question.

·      He feels as though he could inspire people to reach their potential and succeed, but he doesn’t want his ability to provide for his family to suffer in order to chase after his dream of helping others.

·      How can he help others while also continuing to provide for his family?


John is ready to move to the next level.

·      You can look at people at different levels of life and deconstruct what steps they have taken to get there.


For John to be successful in moving to the next level, he needs to do these things:

·      He needs to get to the point where he’s duplicating his efforts and understands that he can teach other people how to do what he has done.

·      There is a type of thinking that has yielded choices that have created actions that have yielded results that have made John what he is.

·      John, what were you thinking that has led to the results you are currently enjoying?

·      How can you teach that way of thinking to others?


There is no such thing as a neutral choice.

·      Everything you do is the result of a choice you have made.

·      You are either choosing to do nothing or choosing to do something.

·      The way we think determines who we are. However, you are allowed to choose the way you think.


Questions for Listeners


·      What would you like to hear Andy discuss on future episodes?

o   Phone: 1-800-726-ANDY

o   E-Mail:



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